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Ascend® contains Fipronil, which acts on the central nervous system of the insect. Ascend® is particularly effective by way of ingestion.  

Because of its unique mode of action, Ascend® is effective against insect pests that have developed resistance to conventional insecticides.

Grow pest-free crops with Ascend®, the insecticide proven to control Leaffolder, Brown Planthopper, Stem borer, Rice bug, Cutworm, Shoot borer, Leaf beetlesThrips, and Diamondback Moth.

Benefits of Ascend®

Broad spectrum activity

Excellent control on Brown Planthopper, Stemborer, Thrips and all early season insect pests of rice

Long-lasting residual control


Directions for use: Ascend®

Cabbage, Watermelon, Onion, and Eggplant
Pests Rate/16L Tankload Timing of Application
DBM, Thrips, Leaf Beetles, Cutworm, Shoot borer 50ml 15 days after planting
Pests Rate/16L Tankload Timing of Application
Stemborer, BPH, Leaffolder, Rice bug 50 ml 20-25 DAT (Vegetative stage) and 45-60 DAT (Booting stage)
Pests Application
Banana Flower Thrips Dilute 6.0 mL product per liter of water. Inject 70 mL suspension mix per bud.


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