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BASF’s Solution for Potato

Potato is a high-value crop and major agricultural produce in the Philippines, with an annual demand of about 745,000 metric tons in the country. Production is spread over four growing areas namely, Cordillera Autonomous Region (85%), Davao (8.3%), Northern Mindanao (5.7%) and Soccsksargen (0.48%).

Farmers these days are facing several challenges due to disease pressure, weather conditions and lack of clean planting material. Improved production of potato will help farmers overcome these challenges by ensuring they have the best quality and higher yields. BASF offers innovative products and services to support individual farmers to maximize their potato quality, harvest and profit potential.

Common disease and pest found on potato crop

Late blight (Phytophthora infestans)

Known as the most devastating disease of potatoes, late blight can completely destroy the crop and affect potato tubers and therefore brings significant economic loss for growers. 

Zampro®is recommended to prevent late blight on potato, to be used as the first spray on the crop which helps to provide a strong start for maximum crop quality hence relieves growers of the worry about the disease.


Thrips cause direct damage by feeding on the potato leaves and sucking out their contents. 

Use Kotetsu®, a unique pro-insecticide that has a novel mode of action that interferes with respiration by uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation. It is effective against potato thrips that are resistant to organophosphates, carbamates, pyrethroids and chitin-synthesis inhibitors.


Products for potato and its dosage

Products Disease Dosage
Acrobat® WP Late blight 5-10 g/16L water
Zampro® Late blight 1.0-1.2 L/ha
Kumulus® Downy mildew 50-60 g/16L water
Kotetsu® Potato Thrips 5-15 ml/16L water
Polyram® DF Late blight 1 - 1.5kg/ 16L water



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