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Opal® enables rice to produce greener leaves, more productive tillers, and uniform heading. With all these benefits, there is no wastage as rice will be harvester-ready!

Get more yield from your rice crops with Basagran® by controlling sedges and broadleaves.

Get more harvest from Cabrio® 25 EC by protecting your crop from devastating diseases such as corn leaf spot and banana Sigatoka and freckles.

Grow pest-free crops with Ascend®, the insecticide proven to control Leaffolder, Brown Planthopper, Stem borer, Rice bug, Cutworm, Shoot borer, Leaf beetlesThrips, and Diamondback Moth

Enhance your insecticide's efficacy in controlling Leaffolder, Brown Planthopper, Green Leafhopper, and Whorl Maggot by using Fastac®, the best mixing partner of insecticides.