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BASF’s Solution for Rice

Rice is the most vital crop in Philippines and Filipino farmers play an important role in ensuring food security and reducing poverty. At BASF, we understand that diseases such as sheath blight and rice blast and insect pests such as stem borer may decrease your crop yield. Therefore, a robust management with innovative and sustainable solutions is a must.

The Filipino farmer faces recurring natural threats from rice pests. These are organisms that cause economic loss in rice production including arthropod and pathogens and weeds. The most damaging diseases are sheath blight, brown spot and rice blast, while the most prevalent insect pests include stem borer, leaffolder and rice bug. Moreover, weeds such as grasses, sedges and broadleaves contribute to potential yield loss. The damage they do ranges from severing stems or killing tissue to competing with the crop for nutrients and sunlight.

BASF offers innovative and flexible solutions for the cultivation of rice and control of pests, including Opal® fungicide, Basagran® herbicide, and Ascend® insecticide.


BASF is committed to promoting effective stewardship on and off the field in the Philippines. We believe that the appropriate management and use of our products helps strengthen sustainable agriculture, as well as safeguarding the environment and public health.

For more up-to-date information, agronomy guides, and resources on rice and rice-based cropping systems for farmers and extension workers in Philippines, visit Pinoy Rice Knowledge Bank.

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