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Step 1 to Success: Right Seed Selection

You only have one shot, make it right! Good quality seeds are essential to grow a strong and healthy crop. Choose what’s right for you depending on your local conditions and desired grain quality.

Right Seed Selection

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting a rice variety:

  • Adaptability to local condition
  • High-yielding and certified seeds
  • Good grain quality
  • Resistance to insect pests and diseases
  • Maturity or growth duration
  • Lodging resistance
  • Moderate seed dormancy
  • Tolerance to adverse soil conditions
  • Tolerance to drought

There are generally two types of seeds to consider—inbreds and hybrids. According to IRRI, locally adapted varieties ensure good crop establishment and high yield with acceptable grain quality for market.

Rice Varieties


Here are 5 most-common inbred rice varieties in the Philippines:

Rice cultivar

Common Name

Yield Potential (t/ha)

Maturity (DAS)

Pest and Disease Resistance



RC 216

Tubigan 17

6 – 9.7 (TP)

5.7 – 9.3 (DS)


112 (TP)

104 (DS)

Height is 96 cm. (TP)

Height is 92 cm.  (DS) Intermediate reaction to bacterial leaf blight. Susceptible to blast and tungro. Moderately resistant to brown planthopper and green leafhopper.

Moderate softness



RC 160

Tubigan 14

5.6 (Ave)

8.2 (Max)

122 (TP)

107 (DS)

Height – 96cm

Resistant to  stemborer, moderately susceptible to blast, bacterial leaf blight and GLH

Intermediate reaction to blast, bacterial leaf blight and GLH

Susceptible to tungro

Moderately susceptible to BPH

Resistant to yellow stem borer

Moderately resistant to white stem borer

Eating Quality – soft, good eating quality


Grain size – long


Milling recovery – 71.1%




RC 300

Tubigan 24

DS 5.3 (Ave)

DS 9.0 (Max)

TP 5.7 (Ave)

TP 10.4 (Max)




Height 96 cm (DS); 98 cm (TP)

Moderately resistant to


Susceptible to BLB, Sheath blight and Tungro

Moderately resistant to BPH and GLH

Grain size – long

Milling recovery – 72.2%

Eating Quality - medium


RC 222

Tubigan 18

TP 6.1 (Ave)

TP 10 (Max)

DS 5.7 (Ave)

DS 7.9 (Max)

114 (TP)

106 (DS)

Height 101 cm (TP)

Height 98 cm (DS)


Intermediate to blast, bacterial leaf blight and tungro

Moderately resistant to BPH, GLH and stemborers


TP= Transplanted rice
DS= Direct-seeded rice

40kg certified seeds are usually enough for 1 hectare of land.


Did you know?

There are pests such as seedling maggots that can damage your rice seeds. Using the right, quality solutions can eliminate damaging insects.

Regent® will not only eliminate insect pest during seedling preparation, it will also have a residual activity even after transplanting. In addition, it will also enhance the root system, making it healthy and vigorous which is very important for establishment into the soil and uptake water and nutrient.

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