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Step 2 to Success: Land Preparation and Water Management

Proper land preparation is important to provide necessary soil condition which will enhance the successful establishment of your crop.

Land Preparation and Water Management

Your field may be irrigated, rain-fed, and seeds may be direct sown or transplanted. Whatever the case may be, it is critical that your land is thoroughly prepared to set-up the optimal condition for healthy growth. 

Land preparation

A thorough land preparation:

•    Controls weeds
•    Incorporates straws, stubbles, weeds and fertilizers into the soil
•    Turns soil into soft puddle making planting easier
•    Makes field surface uniform and level
•    Forms hard subsoil layer which reduces downward movement of water


Major steps in land preparation:

•    Clean, fix and repair all dikes and levees: Levees must be well-maintained to manage water level, thus, reducing weed competition. Uniform water management = uniform crop.

Land preparation


Efficient water management = management of canals
•    Flood to soften soil then plow the field
•    Flood the field again for one day
•    Harrow the field 3 times. Apply fertilizer and other amendments before the last harrowing.
•    Level the field to ensure even distribution of water and minimize snail damage.

Land preparation



Did you know?

Early stage of growth and development requires a lot of water and nutrients, and you don’t want weeds to compete with that! But don’t you worry, BASF pre-emergence herbicide Herbadox® got your covered. BASF solution right after land preparation for early weed management.


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