Farming and Crop Protection

Step 3 to Success: Plant Health Management

Unlike humans and animals, plants do not have the capacity to move and look for food that is necessary for its survival.

Thus, it is a must that proper and right amount of nutrients will be provided. These nutrients are not only limited to macronutrients but also micro-nutrients and growth regulators to ensure healthy and productive crops.

Plant Health Management

Fertilizers should be applied prudently but in proper moderation:

  • Prudent fertilizer application is essential to get an evenly maturing crop with full grain size
  • Excessive application – stimulate late tiller production
  • Insufficient application – reduced grain size and poor vigor
Nutrient Management

Macro-nutrients: Nutrient needed in large amounts

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)

Micro-Nutrients: Nutrients needed in small amounts

  • Zinc (Zn)
  • Boron (B)
  • Iron (Fe)

**Soil should be with standing water every time fertilizer is applied


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