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Go above and beyond crop protection with Seltima®, an innovative rice fungicide that effectively controls rice blast and supports the development of fuller and shinier grains thereby helping produce a higher yield.

Seltima® delivers outstanding efficacy against leaf and neck blast and is also part of BASF’s AgCelence® range of products delivering higher yield and quality beyond disease control. 

Seltima® is a highly effective solution that protects crops from fungal diseases, while preserving the aquatic environment. Its special encapsulation technology ensures a precise release of the active ingredient directly on the rice leaf surface, where it acts.

Trial Results

Seltima for grains


Basf for rice blast


Benefits of Seltima

Reliable rice blast control

Fuller, shinier grains


Directions for use: Seltima

Target crop, disease and application rate:
Diseases Rate of Application
mL/ha Tbsp./16L
Panicle blast 750-1000 8*
Sheath blight

1 tbsp = 10ml

*Based on 160L/ha spray volume

Timing of Application of Seltima

Crop Stage Benefit
Vegetative Stage After tillering, >60% crop coverage Leaf Blast control
Reproductive Stage Heading Stage (55-60 DAT) Higher amount of fully filled and Shinier Grains
  > 5% panicle initiation Neck Blast control

Not more than 2 sprays per season


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