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Opal® 7.5 EC


Walang sayang na ani, dahil ang palay mo, harvester ready!

Mode of action: FRAC 3 Sterol biosynthesis in membranes
Active ingredient(s): 75g/L Epoxiconazole

Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

Key benefits for Rice:

  • Greeer leaves, more productive tillers. 
  • Uniform heading
  •  Makes your rice harvester-ready!

How it works

Opal® is a new systemic triazole fungicide containing 75 g/L Epoxiconazole that has preventive, curative, and eradicative action for diseases such Sheath Blight.

Opal® enables rice to produce greener leaves, more productive tillers, and uniform heading. With all these benefits, there is no wastage as rice will be harvester-ready!

<h2 style="color: rgb(146, 208, 80);">Crop Suitability</h2>

  • <h4>Rice</h4>

    Target Disease/Pest Rate/16L Tankload Timing of Application
    Sheath Blight 5 tbsp Booting stage
    * 1 tbsp = 10ml