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Cabrio® is a new strobilurin fungicide that contains 250 g/L Pyraclostrobin. It actively prevents energy production within mitochondria, effectively stopping any cellular activity within the fungal cells.

Get more harvest from Cabrio® 25 EC by protecting your crop from devastating diseases such as corn leaf spot and banana Sigatoka and freckles. Cabrio®offers extended residual protection and functions as a preventive fungicide (stopping infection and/or reinfection by prohibiting the germination of fungal spores).


Benefits of Cabrio®

Gives the AgCelence® effect (greener leaves, bigger and heavier grains) which translates to increased yield and quality.

Broad spectrum fungicide.


Directions for use: Cabrio®

Target Disease Recommended Rate When to apply
Leaf Spot 0.4 L/ha 30-45 days after planting
Target Disease Recommended Rate When to apply
Sigatoka Freckles 0.4 L/ha Any growth stage


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