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Basta® is a versatile non-selective knockdown herbicide registered for the control of over 80 weed species in a wide range of crops. It acts by contact action hence it is safer to crops compared to other non-selective herbicides when applied in directed spray.

Basta® is particularly effective on some of the most damaging and hard-to-control weeds.

Basta® has a partially systemic mode of action that provides a higher level of crop safety than systemic alternatives like glyphosate, while also offering more robust control than purely contact herbicides such as paraquat and diquat.

The active ingredient in Basta® is glufosinate-ammonium, a Group N herbicide which works by inhibiting the enzyme glutamine synthetase. Lack of glutamine synthetase leads to plant death through multiple disruptions of the plant metabolism, including the breakdown of photosynthesis.

Despite the absence of visual symptoms, the treated plants stop growing within the first day after the application of Basta®. The complete death of the weeds usually occurs between two and two weeks after treatment.

Factors affecting Basta 15 SL uptake by weeds

  • Humidity - High relative humidity, even for a short period immediately (20 - 40 minutes) after application increased foliar uptake significantly
  • Temperature and Light - provided that there is sufficient humidity, the speed of activity increases at temperature and/or light intensity, but these factors do not affect final herbicidal activity
  • Rainfall - Efficacy is most affected with rain occurring in the first 4 hours after application. Rain intensity has a greater impact on efficacy than the time interval between herbicide application and rain

Trial Results:

Banana Pomelo


Basta damo, i-Basta® mo!

Crop-safe at soil safe!
Walang sunog sa tanim, walang soil erosion (if used properly)

Cost effective!
Hindi kailangan magre-apply up to 45 days!

German technology, world-class quality
Consistent quality trusted for generations



Effective weed controlPH Trial Result


Efficacy of Basta

Broad-spectrum: Controls broad leaf and grassy weeds

Safer choice: Safety to mother plants. Unlike herbicide with root systemic mode of action, Basta can treat new branches emerging form the roots of a tree (suckers) selectively without harming the mother tree.

Superior efficacy: Controls 'hard-to-kill' weeds 

Basta® is rapidly degraded by soil micro-organisms, making it a safer choice for the soil and the environment.


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