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BASF Zampro Productshot - Philippines

Zampro™ DM


Mas protektado ka!

FPA Registration No.

Mode of action: FRAC 45 Complex III : Cytochrome bc1 (ubiqinone reductase) at Qo site, stigmatelin binding sub-site FRAC 40 
Cell wall biosynthesis (Cellulose synthase)
Active ingredient(s): 300 g/L Ametoctradin + 225 g/L Dimethomorph
Formulation:  Soluble concentrate (SC)
Packaging type: 250mL

Key benefits

  • Expert against late blight and downy mildew
  • Excellent crop safety
  •  Long lasting activity

How it works

Zampro® fungicide is a new fungicide that contains ametoctradin and dimethomorph which features two modes of action for superior resistance management. When used preventively, Zampro® relieves farmers of the worry about oomycete diseases.

Get maximum crop quality with Zampro® by protecting your crops against oomycete diseases such as Late Blight and Downy Mildew. 


<h2 style="color: rgb(146, 208, 80);">Crop Suitability</h2>

  • <h4>Potato</h4>

    Target Disease/Pest Rate/16L Tankload Timing of Application
    Late blight 8-10 tbsp Can be applied 6-8 times per season with 7 days interval.
    * 1 tbsp = 10ml