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Let Cadre® take care of damaging pre-emergent weeds in sugarcane, while you take care of your crop.

The control of Cadre® involves uptake by grass or weed roots and rapid translocation to the growing points. After Cadre® application, weeds turn yellow and growth stops.

Benefits of Cadre®+Herbadox® combination:
  • Bugang expert, buto expert!

    • Effective against a wide-range of weeds, including seeds
Bugang expert
  • Mas malusog ang tubo

    • Healthier and more robust growth to deliver higher yield
Mas malusog ang buto


  • Up to 60 days weed control

    • Effective and long-lasting weed control that lasts up to 2 months


Up to 60 days weed control


  • Menos-gastos!

    • Less hand-weeding requirement = more savings

 Sample Savings Computation

Per Hectare Diuron + 2.4-D Cadre® + Herbadox®
Treatment (0-10DAP) 2,250.00 (1,600/2 KG + 650/GAL) 2,724.00 (1,200/300ML+1,524/2L)
Labor for spraying 400.00 400.00
1st Hand weeding (25-30 DAP) 1,300.00 0.00
2nd Hand weeding (40-45 DAP) 1,400.00 0.00
3rd Hand weeding (60-65 DAP) 1,200.00 1,200.00
Total cost/ha 6,550.00 4,324.00

Savings: Php 2,226 per hectare



Direction for use: 

Cadre® 240SL should be applied to plant or ratoon cane at 0-10 days after planting/ ratoon before the leaf unfolds.

Dosage: Cadre® 300ml/ ha + Herbadox® 2L/ ha

Sugarcane Grass and Broadleaves 300-400


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