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Stop-feed sa Stampede!

A highly systemic insecticide, effective against a wide range of lepidopteran pest in rice, fruits and vegetables. Aside from effective control, it also gives plant health benefits in rice – greater root mass, more productive tillers and increase in yield.


The Stampede® Advantage!


  • Rice
    • Iwas Uban!




    • May dagdag ani!



  • Fruits & Vegetables
    • Mas dekalidad na bunga!

eggplant yield

Directions for use: Stampede®

Target Disease/Pest Rate/16L Tankloadd Timing of Application
Rice Stemborer, Rice Leaf folder 6 tbsp (60mL)

Apply 2x per season during vegetative stage (15-25DAT) and booting stage (35-50DAT)

Fruits and Vegetables
Target Disease/Pest Rate/16L Tankloadd Timing of Application
Cabbageworm, Cutworm, Podborer, Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Tobacco Budworm, Fruit and Shoot Borer, Diamond-back Moth 2 tbsp (16-20ml)/16L tankload or 400-500ml/Ha

Apply 2-3x from vegetative to fruiting stage with 5-7 days interval

Sugarcane Borer  1.5-2L/Ha 30 DAT


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