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Fastac® contains 250 g/L alpha-cypermethrin which acts on the nervous system of insects and leads to overstimulation, exhaustion, and death.

Fastac® is an effective tool with excellent knockdown and residual, all in an enhanced formulation. It works on a broad spectrum of piercing, sucking and chewing insect pests.

Enhance your insecticide's efficacy in controlling Leaffolder, Brown Planthopper, Green Leafhopper, and Whorl Maggot by using Fastac®, the best mixing partner of insecticides.

Benefits of Fastac

Broad-spectrum control

Excellent knockdown

Best tank-mixing partner of insecticides


Directions for use: Fastac®

Eggplant, Tomato, Corn, Tobacco, and Watermelon
Pests Rate/ 16L Tankload Timing of Application
Leafhoppers, Mites, Borers, Fruitworm, Maggots, Earworms, Budworm, Cutworm, Aphids 1 tbsp 10-20 days after planting

Spray Interval: 7-14 days

Pests Rate/ 16L Tankload Timing of Application
Whorl Maggot, Stemborer, Rice Bug, Green Leafhopper, Brown
Planthopper and Leaffolder
1 tbsp 10-14 days after transplanting

Spray Interval: 7-14 days


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