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Opus® 12.5 SC


Improved formulation

Mode of action: FRAc 3-C14
Active ingredient(s): 125 g/L Epoxiconazole

Formulation: Soluble Concentrate (SC)

Packaging type: 10L

Key benefits

  • has translaminar movement. Penetration is fast and being absorbed by the plant and distributed by the vascular bandles to prevent from being washed off by the rain.

How it works

Epoxiconazole is a triazole fungicide produced by BASF Corporation. It acts as an inhibitor of ergosterol 
biosynthesis, thereby interfering with fungal cell membrane synthesis
growth within the fungus target species.

<h2 style="color: rgb(146, 208, 80);">Crop Suitability</h2>

  • <h4>Banana</h4>

    Target Disease/Pest Rate Timing of Application
    Sigatoka 0.8 L/Ha The aerial application of triazoles take place usually every two months as interval from 1 triazole another. Application timing will be during medium or high disease pressure.