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Get healthier harvests with Volley® and protect your banana against Sigatoka.

Volley® is a novel fungicide for Sigatoka control of banana. It is the most advanced amine fungicide and a genuine resistance breaker as it works by controlling the fungus with its multi-site mode of action. Its MOA includes biosynthesis of ergosterol, carbohydrates, and proteins of the fungus, and it inhibits the conidial growth. It has good systemic activity whose transport is acropetal in the transpiration stream and is more directed to sites where Sigatoka infection takes place.

Benefits of Volley®

Genuine Resistance Breaker

Most Advanced Amine Fungicide

Guaranteed Zero Phytotoxicity


Direction for use: Volley®

Disease Application rate (L/Ha) Allowable Cycles
Sigatoka 0.5-0.7 15 cycles per year


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