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BASF's Solution for Vegetables

There is a tremendous potential in the Philippine vegetable sector. Annually, the country’s vegetable production is increasing by almost 2% and the growth of area being dedicated to planting vegetables is at 1.7%.

Vegetable farmers in the Philippines show strong potential to compete with ASEAN counterparts for the $2 billion Asia-Pacific market which is expected to grow to $3 billion by 2021.

Vegetable production plays a fundamental role in fulfilling many of Philippines’ basic needs: food, feed, energy. Major vegetables and root crops include cabbage, carrots, lettuce, eggplant, tomato, onion, and chili.

To support growers and those who take care of our environment, BASF develops innovative solutions for farming so that we can effectively contribute to improving people’s lives and business’ demands.

Kumulus® A high quality formulation of micronized sulphur to control Powdery mildew and to control red spider mites.
Ascend® Ascend is proven to control Leaffolder, Brown Planthopper, Stem borer, Rice bug, Cutworm, Shoot borer, Leaf beetles, Thrips, and Diamondback Moth.
Fastac® Fastac® is an effective tool with excellent knockdown and residual, all in an enhanced formulation. It works on a broad spectrum of piercing, sucking and chewing insect pests.
Perfekthion® Perfekthion® is an effective insecticide with excellent knockdown and residual action. It works on a broad spectrum of sucking, mining and biting insects as well as Spider Mite.
Kotetsu® Kotetsu® is a unique pro-insecticide. It has a novel mode of action that interferes with respiration by uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation. 
Regent® Enjoy quality harvests with Regent® and protect your crops against insects such as Stem Borer, White Grubs, and Mole Crickets.
Herbadox® Herbadox is a grass-specialist herbicide which is expert for the control of grasses and broadleaf weeds.
Basta® Basta® is a versatile non-selective knockdown herbicide registered for the control of over 80 weed species in a wide range of crops. 
Cadre® Let Cadre® take care of damaging pre-emergent weeds in sugarcane, while you take care of your crop.
Cabrio Top® A premium broad-spectrum, dual AI fungicide with highly effective disease control.


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